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Project Management Training

Cost: Contact us for quote.   Duration: 2 days

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Utilising PMBOK, a global standard for managing projects, this 2-day Project Management training course will give you an overview of the entire project management process, as well as covering key project management tools that can be used every day.

The importance of delivering business results to specification, on time and within budget, is critical to the success of any project.  And that is exactly what professional project management skills enable you to do - even if it is not officially called a 'project'. The ability to successfully manage projects from beginning to end, no matter their size, is a highly desirable skill in today’s workplace.

In this course you'll learn required skills like estimating and scheduling as well as how to produce project-related documentation like project plan worksheets, charters and communication plans.  Learn how to use planning tools like Gantt and RACI charts, establish baselines and much more.

This dynamic training course is available now throughout Australia, including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Parramatta, Canberra and Perth.

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Course Foreword

In the past few decades, organisations have discovered that the principles used to create enormous successes in large projects can be applied to projects of any size. As a result, many employees are expected to understand project management techniques and how to apply them to projects of any size.

The project management role is arguably the most challenging of roles within the project team. As the project progresses through its various life cycle stages, project managers must be able to adapt themselves to the changing demands of the project and the team.

Effective and efficient Project Managers will ensure project success and help organisations and individuals exceed stakeholder expectations. This workshop will introduce participants to the entire project management process, as well as key project management tools and principles that can be used every day.

Course Outcomes

After completing this course participants will be able to:

  • Define projects, project management, and project managers
  • Identify the importance of PMBOK and PMI
  • Examine the five process groups & nine knowledge area as defined by the PMI
  • Describe the triple constraint
  • Perform a project needs assessment & write goals, requirements & deliverables
  • Create key project documents including a statement of work, project plan worksheet & project charter
  • Build a project schedule, estimating time, costs & resources
  • Master the work breakdown structure
  • Create project planning documents including a schedule, a risk management plan & a communication plan
  • Use planning tools including the Gantt chart, network diagram & RACI chart
  • Establish and use baselines
  • Monitor and maintain a project
  • Perform basic project management tasks including leading status meetings
  • Manage and complete all documents at the end of a project


Course Outline

Project Management Training Course - Lesson 1
Key Concepts - Part One
  • What is a Project?
  • What is Project Management?
  • What is a Project Manager?
Project Management Training Course - Lesson 2
Key Concepts - Part Two
  • About the PMBOK and the PMI
  • The five process groups
  • The nine knowledge areas
  • The triple constraint
Project Management Training Course - Lesson 3
Initiation - Part One
  • Assessing needs and wants
  • Identifying your stakeholders
  • Creating SMART objectives
  • Creating requirements
Project Management Training Course - Lesson 4
Initiation - Part Two
  • Creating the schedule
  • Creating a risk management plan
  • Creating a communication plan
Project Management Training Course - Lesson 5
Planning - Part One
  • Estimating time
  • Estimating costs and resources
  • Building the work breakdown Structure
Project Management Training Course - Lesson 6
Planning - Part Two
  • Creating the Schedule
  • Creating a Risk Management Plan
  • Creating a Communication Plan
Project Management Training Course - Lesson 7
Planning Tools
  • The Gantt Chart
  • The network diagram
  • The critical path
  • Going the extra mile: optional tools
Project Management Training Course - Lesson 8
Maintaining and Controlling - Part One
  • Establishing Baselines
  • Monitoring Baseline Variances
  • Schedule Reduction Methods
Project Management Training Course - Lesson 9
Maintaining and Controlling - Part Two
  • Leading successful status meetings
  • Managing change monitoring risks
Project Management Training Course - Lesson 10
Closing Out
  • Administrative tasks
  • Personnel tasks
  • Scope verification
  • Document checklist