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Effective Conflict Resolution

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A training methodology that works.

As well as the standard learning principles of applied adult learning and effective reinforcement through workshop based activity, Drake Training incorporates its own methodology which has been derived from over 23 years of professional development and executive training. The STAR methodology is applied to every Drake Training course; it commences with the identification of existing knowledge, moves on to building skills and techniques and is completed by relating learning to the workplace and committing to behavioural change.

Course Overview
Conflict is an inevitable part of our lives but how we view it and how we deal with it can turn it from being an unpleasant experience into one where we learn and grow. This course will help you to understand how conflict can be positive and will introduce you to tools and techniques that will assist you to effectively deal with conflict situations.

Learning Outcomes

Upon course completion, participants will be able to:
• Identify causes of conflict
• Describe how diversity and differences can be harnessed
• Demonstrate strategies that avoid escalation of conflict
• Demonstrate techniques to show empathy and rapport
• Problem solve quickly and effectively
• Handle customer complaints appropriately
• Negotiate a successful outcome

What is conflict?
Causes of conflict
Why people can seem difficult
Differences, diversity and opportunity

Diagnostic clinic

Communication skills for conflict resolution
Active listening
Effective questioning
Rapport building
3 perspectives
Saying ‘No’
Assertive behaviour
Effective promising

Win-win negotiating
10 tips for negotiating
Aligning conflicting or competing outcomes
Effective behaviour for successful negotiating

Handling customer complaints
Turn complaint into compliment
Establishing the issue
Determining a course of action
Following up

Managing stress
Identifying signs of stress
Keeping your cool
Venting appropriately

Planning into action