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Train the Trainer

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A training methodology that works.

As well as the standard learning principles of applied adult learning and effective reinforcement through workshop based activity, Drake Training incorporates its own methodology which has been derived from over 23 years of professional development and executive training. The STAR methodology is applied to every Drake Training course; it commences with the identification of existing knowledge, moves on to building skills and techniques and is completed by relating learning to the workplace and committing to behavioural change.

Course Overview
Manager and Leaders need to understand the importance of training and perceive training as an investment in the organisation’s success. They should understand how training contributes to an employee’s self development and how support for employee learning and professional development needs will enhance competence and loyalty.

Managers and supervisors often need to accept the role of a trainer. In this workshop participants will learn how to recognise the different learning requirements of employees and how to develop training strategies and delivery methods that will actually make a difference in the workplace.

Learning Outcomes

Upon course completion, participants will be able to:
• Understand why and when training is necessary
• Accurately target training
• Identify specific training objectives and outcomes
• Prepare a training session or program
• Determine the best methods of delivering
• Design and develop interactive activities, resources and relevant assessment tools
• Deliver creative training presentations

Diagnostic clinic

Identifying skills gaps
Conducting skills audits
Assessing skills
Mapping current skill against audit results and future needs to target training

Finding the best training for the purpose

Learning preferences

Designing and developing a session or program

Delivering training
Gaining and holding the learner’s attention
Treating adults as adults
Involving learners in the experience
Sharing ideas
Practise and feedback

Identifying what the learner has learned
Assessment tools
Assessment processes

Follow up
Reinforcement of correct learning

Planning into action
Applying new learning at work