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Influencing and Negotiating

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A training methodology that works.

As well as the standard learning principles of applied adult learning and effective reinforcement through workshop based activity, Drake Training incorporates its own methodology which has been derived from over 23 years of professional development and executive training. The STAR methodology is applied to every Drake Training course; it commences with the identification of existing knowledge, moves on to building skills and techniques and is completed by relating learning to the workplace and committing to behavioural change.

Course Overview
In our busy lives we are continually being influenced and are influencing others. In this workshop you will examine your current influencing and negotiating style and will be introduced to a wide range of tools and techniques that will assist you to enhance your personal effectiveness in these areas.

During this fun, interactive workshop you will have the opportunity to try advanced communication techniques, develop sophisticated win-win negotiation strategies and develop your sphere of influence.

Learning Outcomes

Upon course completion, participants will be able to:
• State the founding principles of being an effective influencer and negotiator
• Identify your current areas of strength and areas that you would like to improve
• Influence and negotiate using a variety of perspectives
• Demonstrate effective influencing behaviours
• Apply advanced communication skills
• Demonstrate win-win negotiation strategies
• Prepare an action plan for your future development

Foundations of influencing and negotiating
Understanding influence
Identifying your need to influence
Seven influencing styles

Diagnostic clinic
Your current influencing style
Your sphere of influence

Personal perspectives
Emotional awareness
Seeking understanding
Three perspectives

Influencing behaviours
Active listening
Rapport building
The right strategy
Creating resourceful states

Advanced communication skills
Refusing requests
Delivering unpalatable messages
Handling aggressive behaviour

Win-win negotiating
Negotiating Assertively
Aligning conflicting or competing outcomes
Influencing senior managers

Planning into action