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Delivering Powerful Presentations

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A training methodology that works.

As well as the standard learning principles of applied adult learning and effective reinforcement through workshop based activity, Drake Training incorporates its own methodology which has been derived from over 23 years of professional development and executive training. The STAR methodology is applied to every Drake Training course; it commences with the identification of existing knowledge, moves on to building skills and techniques and is completed by relating learning to the workplace and committing to behavioural change.

Course Overview
This course will enable you to prepare and deliver powerful presentations that will increase your professionalism and effectiveness. You will learn practical tips and techniques for planning your key messages, structuring your delivery and creating an interesting and entertaining presentation. This is a highly practical course where participants are required to give multiple presentations to the group.

Learning Outcomes

Upon course completion, participants will be able to:
• Identify different types of presentations
• Describe key factors for powerful presentations
• Plan a presentation
• Demonstrate effective presentation skills
• Demonstrate strategies to involve your audience
• Show confidence when presenting
• Describe when and how to use visual aids
• Prepare an action plan for your future development

Fundamentals of presentation
What makes a powerful presentation
Presentation types
Key factors in audience behaviour

Planning a powerful presentation
Define your purpose
Choose your style
Structure the information flow

Presentation essentials
Opening your presentation
The body of the presentation
Concluding your session

Powerful presentation techniques
Natural style
Effective voice techniques
Making the most of body language
Positive framing

Engaging your audience
Using humour
Story telling
Effective questioning
Using aids

Cultivating confidence
Harnessing nerves
Dealing with difficult audience members
When things go wrong

Planning into action