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Business Writing

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Business Writing

Duration: 1 day course

Course Overview
Business writing is an essential communication tool. Professional writing should be concise, accurate and appropriate for the particular business environment. This course provides guidelines and opportunities to practice effective business writing. Mediums covered will include hardcopy print, electronic communication, memos, faxes, forms and summaries of information for inclusion in reports.

Learning Outcomes
Upon course completion, participants will be able to:
• Identify and plan documents for business/organisational requirements
• Determine audience and purpose
• Determine format, structure and key points to be covered in the document
• Develop and check a draft document for readability, grammar, spelling, sentence and paragraph construction
• Utilise appropriate electronic communication (email) practices and protocol


Diagnostic clinic

Identify and planning documents
Business/organisational requirements,  methods and standards
Writing protocols, for internal and external communications


Audience and document purpose
Understand the intended audience?
Identify the purpose of the document

Determine the information for inclusion in the document
Covering key points

Conveying accurate information
How do you want the reader to use these key messages?

Format and structure
Guidelines for formatting and layout
Identify the organisation’s preferred document style or layout

Drafting and editing
Grammar & spelling
The plain English approach

Writing in an active voice

Adopting a positive tone

Sentence and paragraph construction

Commonly confused words

Terminology and jargon

Politically correct language

Effective email
Business/organisational procedures and protocols
Electronic communication
Managing your emails
Recording emails

Planning into action

Determining your own action plan