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Project 2007 Level 1

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This course aims to increase your productivity by providing the skills and knowledge to use Microsoft Project 2007 effectively.

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this courseware participants will be able to:

  • start Microsoft Project and work with it's key screen features
  • create a new project file
  • understand key project management concepts
  • enter and work with tasks in a project
  • enter and work with durations for tasks
  • enter and work with task relationships
  • create and work with resource pools
  • understand resource assignment concepts
  • assign resources to tasks
  • print information from a project.

Target Audience

This course is intended for people who need to know how to manage projects using Microsoft Project 2007.


This course is designed for participants with little or no knowledge of the software.


Scheduled classroom training (1 Day)


1. Microsoft Project Basics

 1. Overview Of Microsoft Project

 2. Starting Microsoft Project

 3. The Microsoft Project Screen

 4. Working With Views

 5. Working With Combination Views

 6. Working With Tables

 7. Working With The Gantt Chart View

 8. Understanding Microsoft Project Menus

 9. Understanding Toolbars

10.     Working With Existing Project Files

11.     Exiting From Microsoft Project

12.     Microsoft Project Basics Quick Reference

2. Creating A New Project

 1. New Project Overview

 2. Understanding Your Project

 3. Creating A New Project

 4. Saving A New Project File

 5. Changing Time Unit Options

 6. Pitfalls In Changing Options

 7. Understanding Working Time In Project

 8. Understanding Calendars In Project

 9. Modifying The Standard Calendar

10.     Specifying Holidays

11.     Creating A New Calendar

12.     Specifying Project Summary Information

13.     Specifying Project File Properties

14.     Creating A New Project Quick Reference

3. Project Management

 1. What Is A Project?

 2. Tasks And Resources

 3. The Importance Of Planning

 4. Steps In Project Management

 5. Project Management Tools

 6. Using A Computer

 7. The Advantages Of Microsoft Project

 8. The Disadvantages Of Microsoft Project

 9. Project Management Quick Reference

4. Creating Tasks

 1. Overview Of Creating Tasks

 2. Reviewing A Project

 3. Entering Tasks

 4. Creating Summary Tasks

 5. Moving About A Sheet

 6. Working With Summary Tasks

 7. Creating Tasks Quick Reference

5. Task Durations

 1. Task Duration Overview

 2. Entering Task Durations

 3. Displaying Critical Tasks

 4. Checking Project Status

 5. Understanding Project Slack

 6. Entering Milestones

 7. Task Durations Quick Reference

6. Creating Relationships

 1. Overview Of Creating Relationships

 2. Catching Up With The Case Study

 3. Linking Tasks

 4. Creating Relationships Using Task Entry

 5. Using Task Information For Relationships

 6. Creating Relationships In A Sheet View

 7. Staying On Schedule Using Relationships

 8. Entering Lag Time

 9. Entering Lead Time

10.     Creating Relationships Quick Reference

7. Resourcing A Project

 1. Overview Of Resourcing

 2. Creating A Resource Pool

 3. Entering Materials

 4. Assigning Calendars To Resources

 5. Adjusting Resource Information

 6. Changing The Unit Display

 7. Resourcing A Project Quick Reference

8. Assignment Concepts

 1. Understanding Resource Assignment

 2. Project's Calculation Methodologies

 3. Understanding Effort

 4. Creating Simple Assignments

 5. Understanding Task Types

 6. Working With Fixed Unit Assignments

 7. Working With Fixed Duration Assignments

 8. Working With Fixed Work Assignments

 9. Working With The Driver Resource

10.     Understanding Effort Driven Resourcing

11.     Disabling Effort Driven Resourcing

12.     Assignment Concepts Quick Reference

9. Assigning Resources

 1. Overview Of Assigning Resources

 2. Assigning Resources Using Task Entry View

 3. Assigning Part Time Resources

 4. Contouring Resource Usage

 5. Assigning Specific Work Times

 6. Problem Assignments

 7. Assigning Resources Through Task Information

 8. Assigning Resources Through A Sheet

 9. Assigning Resources That You Don't Have

10.     Assigning Resources Quick Reference

10. Printing

 1. Overview Of Printing

 2. Printing A Gantt Chart

 3. Printing Sheet Views

 4. Printing Jobs Lists

 5. Printing Resources Lists

 6. Printing Quick Reference


Concluding Remarks




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