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PowerPoint 2013 Level 1

Cost: Contact us for quote.   Duration: 1 day

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The skills and knowledge acquired in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 - Level 1 are sufficient to be able to
create real-world slide shows. You will learn how to create, print and publish presentations.

Learning Outcomes
At the completion of this course you should be able to:
• work with the basic features of PowerPoint
• create a new presentation
• work with presentations
• insert text into a slide and apply basic formatting
• work with the various slide layouts
• create and work with SmartArt graphics
• draw and format shapes
• navigate a slide show in PowerPoint
• use a range of printing techniques
• the procedures for using various forms of Help
• create brilliant presentations

Target Audience
This course is designed for users new to Microsoft PowerPoint specifically and PowerPoint processing in

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 - Level 1 assumes little or no knowledge of the software. However, it would
be beneficial to have a general understanding of personal computers and the Windows operating system

Scheduled classroom training (1 Day)


Getting To Know PowerPoint
• Starting PowerPoint In Windows 8
• Understanding The Start Screen
• Creating A New Blank Presentation
• The PowerPoint Screen
• How Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Works
• Using The Ribbon
• Using Ribbon KeyTips
• Showing And Collapsing The Ribbons
• Understanding The Backstage View
• Accessing The Backstage View
• Using Shortcut Menus
• Understanding Dialog Boxes
• Launching Dialog Boxes
• Understanding The Quick Access Toolbar
• Adding Commands To The QAT
• Understanding The Status Bar
• Customising The Status Bar
• Exiting Safely From PowerPoint

Your First Presentation
• Creating Presentations In PowerPoint
• Creating A Presentation
• Applying Theme Variants
• The Save As Place
• The Save As Dialog Box
• Typing Text Into A Slide
• Inserting New Slides
• Typing Text Using The Outline Pane
• Applying Slide Transitions
• Saving A Presentation
• Previewing A Slide Show
• Closing A Presentation

Working With Presentations
• The Open Place
• The Open Dialog Box
• Opening A Presentation
• Opening Multiple Presentations
• Switching Between Open Presentations
• Understanding Presentation Views
• Changing Presentation Views
• Navigating A Presentation
• Using The Zoom Tool
• Opening A Recent Presentation

Working With Text
• Editing Text
• Checking Spelling And Grammar
• Understanding Font Formatting
• Applying Font Formatting
• Applying Paragraph Formatting
• Changing Bullet And Numbering Styles
• Moving And Resizing Placeholders
• Applying WordArt To Text
• Converting Text To SmartArt

Slide Layouts
• Understanding Slide Layouts
• Inserting A Title Slide
• Inserting A Title And Content Slide
• Inserting A Section Header Slide
• Inserting A Table
• Inserting A Picture With Caption Slide
• Inserting A Chart
• Changing The Slide Layout

• Understanding SmartArt
• Inserting A SmartArt Graphic
• Inserting Text Into SmartArt
• Adding Shapes Below
• Adding Shapes Above
• Adding Shapes Before And After
• Adding An Assistant
• Promoting And Demoting Shapes
• Switching SmartArt Right To Left
• Resizing SmartArt
• Changing The SmartArt Layout
• Applying A Colour Scheme
• Applying A SmartArt Style
• Deleting SmartArt Shapes

• Drawing Shapes
• Resizing Shapes
• Editing Shapes
• Positioning Shapes
• Arranging Shapes
• Merging Shapes
• Formatting Shapes
• Using The Eyedropper
• Copying Shapes
• Aligning Shapes Using The Ribbon
• Aligning Objects Using The Smart Guides
• Inserting And Formatting Text
• Connecting Shapes
• Grouping Shapes
• Rotating Shapes

Preparing For Presentations
• Using Slide Sorter View
• Reusing Slides
• Adding Sections
• Adding Notes To Your Slides
• Slide Numbers
• About Hyperlinks
• Creating An Internal Hyperlink
• Creating A Hyperlink To Another Presentation
• Creating A Hyperlink To Another Application
• Keyboard Shortcuts For Navigating Slide Shows
• Using Resume Reading
• Presenting A Slide Show

Printing Your Presentation
• Understanding Printing
• Previewing Slides
• Printing Slides
• Printing Handouts
• Printing Notes Pages
• Printing The Outline

Getting Help
• Understanding How Help Works
• Accessing The Help Window
• Navigating The Help Window
• Using The Office Website
• Googling Help
• Printing A Help Topic

Brilliant Presentations
• Planning A Presentation
• Make It Readable
• The Four Pillars Of Great Design
• Perfect Presentation Layouts
• Presenting Polished Presentations
• Presentation Methods And Hardware ?

Concluding Remarks

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