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Outlook 2013 Level 1 (onsite only)

Cost: Contact us for quote.   Duration: 1 day

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The skills and knowledge acquired in Microsoft Outlook 2013 Level 1are sufficient to be able to send and receive emails, schedule appointments and maintain contact details information.

Learning Outcomes

 At the completion of this course you should be able to:

  • · understand some of the more basic email concepts
  • · start Microsoft Outlook and navigate its key features
  • · create and send email messages
  • · receive emails in your Inbox and then work with them
  • · competently work with file and item attachments within email messages
  • · work with message flags and reminders
  • · work effectively with junk email
  • · work with the Calendar feature
  • · create and work with contacts
  • · create and work with tasks


Microsoft Outlook 2013 Level 1 assumes little or no knowledge of the software. However, it would be beneficial to have a general understanding of personal computers and the Windows operating system environment.


Scheduled classroom training (1 Day)



Email Concepts

How Email Works

Email Addresses

The Benefits Of Email

Email Etiquette

Emails And Viruses

Digital Signatures


Getting Started With Outlook

Understanding Outlook 2013

Starting Outlook In Windows 8

Common Outlook 2013 Screen


Using The Ribbon

Using Ribbon KeyTips

Showing And Collapsing The Ribbon

Understanding The Backstage View

Accessing The Backstage View

Understanding The Quick Access


Adding Commands To The QAT

Navigating To Outlook Features

Sneaking A Peek

The Folder Pane

The To – Do Bar

The Mail Screen

The Calendar Screen

The People Screen

The Tasks Screen

The Notes Screen

The Outlook Today Screen

Exiting Outlook


Sending Email

Email In Outlook

How Outlook Mail Works

Composing An Email Message

The Message Window

Creating A New Message

Checking The Spelling

Adding An Attachment To A Message

Adding Importance

Requesting Message Receipts

Sending The Message

Creating An AutoSignature

Using An AutoSignature

Removing An AutoSignature

Sending A Courtesy Copy

Sending A Blind Copy


Receiving Email

Understanding The Inbox

Retrieving Email

Opening An Outlook Data File

Adjusting The Message View

Previewing Messages

Arranging Messages

Reading Messages

Opening Several Messages

Understanding Conversation View

Navigating Messages In A


Replying To A Message

Replying To A Message In A


Replying To All Messages

Replying Without The Original


Adding Comments To Replies

Getting Replies Sent To Another Address

Forwarding Messages

Finding Related Messages

Ignoring Conversations

Marking Messages As Unread


Working With Attachments

Understanding File Attachments

Inserting A File Attachment

Attaching Other Outlook Items

Previewing Attachments

Saving A File Attachment

Opening A File Attachment


Flagging Messages

About Flags And Reminders

Flagging Messages In The Message


Sending A Message With A Flag

Adding A Reminder To Your


Changing The Default Quick Click Flag

Removing A Flag


Junk Email

Spamming And Junk Email

Phishing And Junk Email

Understanding Junk Email Options

Marking Messages As Junk Mail

Marking Messages As Safe

Managing The Senders Lists

Importing A Blocked Senders List

Exporting A Blocked Senders List

Deleting Junk Email


Working With The Calendar

Accessing The Calendar

Changing The Calendar Arrangement

Displaying Specific Dates

Navigating Within A Calendar

Changing The Current View

Creating A Second Time Zone

Removing A Time Zone

Creating A New Calendar

Working With Multiple Calendars

Deleting A Calendar

Sharing Calendars

Understanding The Weather Bar



Understanding People View

Understanding The Contact Form

Viewing Your Contacts

Creating A New Contact

Entering Contact Details

Editing Contact Details

Inserting A Contact Picture

Adding Contacts For An Existing


Printing Contact Details

Deleting An Unwanted Contact

Recovering A Deleted Contact



Tasks And The To - Do List

Creating Tasks

Changing Task Views

Sorting Tasks

Working With Tasks

Deleting Tasks

Printing A Task List


Concluding Remarks