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Visio Professional 2007

Cost: Contact us for quote.   Duration: 1 day

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The skills and knowledge acquired in Microsoft Visio 2007 Module 1 sufficient to create

real-world drawings using shapes, stencil connectors, pages, formatting options, grids,

styles, and the printing features of Microsoft Visio 2007.


Learning Outcomes

At the completion of Microsoft Visio 2007 Module 1 you should be able to:

• start Microsoft Visio

• work with shapes

• work with text

• connect shapes using connector lines

• work with page tools

• change the size and position of shapes

• apply a range of formats to shapes

• work with multiple page drawings

• use themes and styles to apply and store formatting attributes

• use print preview and print drawings


Target Audience  

 Microsoft Visio 2007 Module 1 is designed for people who need to know how to create a

range of diagrams and drawings such as flowcharts, business diagrams, office floor

plans, organisation charts, and the like.



 Microsoft Visio 2007 Module 1 assumes little or no knowledge of the software. However,

it would be beneficial to have a general understanding of personal computers and the

Windows operating system environment.


         Scheduled classroom training (1 Day)


Visio 2007 Essentials
  •  Starting Microsoft Visio 2007
  • Creating A Blank Drawing From A Template
  • The Microsoft Visio 2007 Screen
  • The Menu Bar
  • Using Menu Commands
  • Using Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Using The Toolbars
  • ScreenTips
  • Opening Stencils
  • Working With Stencils
  • Saving A New Drawing
  • Exiting From Visio


  • Placing Shapes From Stencils
  • Stamping Shapes
  • Selecting Shapes
  • Moving Shapes
  • Duplicating Shapes
  • Aligning Shapes
  • Distributing Shapes
  • Grouping Shapes

Working With Text

  • Adding Text To Shapes
  • Formatting Text In Shapes
  • Selecting And Editing Text
  • Creating A Heading
  • Creating A Text Block
  • Aligning Text
  • Spell Checking Text

Getting Connected

  • Connecting Shapes
  • Connecting Shapes Manually
  • Connecting Shapes Automatically
  • Connecting Selected Shapes
  • Adding Text To Connector Lines
  • Changing Connector Line Direction
  • Manipulating Connector Lines
  • Formatting Connector Lines

Page Tools

  • Understanding Page Tools
  • Zooming
  • The Pan & Zoom Window
  • Displaying Grids And Rulers
  • Changing Grids And Rulers
  • Setting Guides And Guide Points
  • Using Guides And Guide Points
  • Working With Rulers
  • Changing The Scale
  • The Drawing Explorer

Size And Position

  • Resizing Shapes Manually
  • Resizing Shapes Precisely
  • Changing Shape Proportions
  • Using Snap & Glue
  • Positioning A Shape Precisely
  • Rotating Shapes Precisely
  • Free Rotating
  • Flipping Shapes
  • Changing The Order Of Shapes

Formatting Shapes

  • Formatting Using The Menu
  • Formatting Using The Toolbars
  • Using The Format Painter
  • Adding Shadows To Shapes
  • Protecting Shapes

Working With Pages

  • Naming Pages
  • Inserting Pages
  • Navigating Through Pages
  • Changing Page Order
  • Page Orientation
  • Rotating Pages
  • Setting A Background
  • Centring Content On A Page
  • Deleting Pages

Themes And Styles

  • Understanding Themes
  • Applying A Theme
  • Creating A Custom Theme
  • Deleting A Custom Theme
  • Understanding Styles
  • Redefining Existing Styles
  • Modifying The Connector Style
  • Defining A New Style
  • Applying A Style
  • Basing One Style On Another Style
  • Partial Styles
  • Deleting Styles


  • Using Print Preview
  • Creating Headers And Footers
  • Print Setup Options
  • Printing Options
  • Changing Page Size


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